"Nature isn’t a force we can tame or bend fully to our will."

Title 5th Pledge
Gender Male
Race Hybrid
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Tarot The Moon Arcana
Team 10 Ancient Warriors
  • Ancestral spear "Belcant"
  • Decomian Shield

Basic InfoEdit

Zelus is a 'spirit guardian', a hybrid who can communicate with the few remaining nature spirits of Arcana. Sworn to defend the spirits of Wood Garden, he longed to leave and explore the world, yet he knew his duties inhibit him. When the corruption of Wood Garden started, Zelus tried to purge it of Radon, but miserably failed. In his fear and shame, he abandoned his responsibility and fled to other lands. Adventure still followed him whenever he went, and before long he realized that he had a duty to return to.


Wood Garden had become a corrupted nest by the time Zelus returned. Home to a large contingent of the Sahar, he came back just in time to see the horrific death of Reira. Fueled by grief and rage, he fought through the Sahar minions and the corrupted spirits he once befriended to slay Radon. Zelus succeeded, driving his spear through the beast's head, at the cost of his own life.



Abilities + WeaponsEdit