"Those of your kind are the real monsters."

Vermillion Bird
Title Sky Keeper
Gender Male
Status Alive

Basic InfoEdit

Vermillion Bird is the last of the Sahar Army's 4 Grand Generals. Vermillion was known as the guardian of the skies in the past. He eventually settled down in a remote village located in the mountains, where the people worshipped him as their god.

He befriended a young boy that treated him like a friend, and for the longest time, he was happy. The villagers were against this, seeing his actions as 'disrespecting their God'. The boy was eventually killed by the villagers, labelled as a martyr.

Furious and saddened by the loss of his only true companion, Vermillion called upon a great wind that buried the entire village under the mountain snow.




Punk Goes Disney - When You Wish Upon A Star (Screamo Cover)02:33

Punk Goes Disney - When You Wish Upon A Star (Screamo Cover)

07 I'll Face Myself -Self:defence- - P.h.A.T02:52

07 I'll Face Myself -Self:defence- - P.h.A.T.

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