Status Active
Leader Luminary

The Valkyrie are a group of the town's top elite warriors who carry the responsibility of defending the outer gates. Their skills are known to match even those of the Royal Knights, and their members are hand-picked by Lord Luminary himself.

Known MembersEdit


Cloud's fraternal twin sister. She passed the elven magic exams with flying colours, rising above all the other examinees and eventually, being noticed by Luminary himself.


Palladium was actually a former Valkyrie before she set off on the Piraknight's voyage. This was kept a secret from the public until Nevialla discovers it from Luminary.


Crescendo serves the Valkyrie while upholding his responsibilities as the Royal Knight's leader. His usual absence within the Royal Knights is most probably caused by his duties within the Valkyrie.


Luminary's right-hand man.


Tonie passed the Valkyrie's entrance exam with flying colors, impressing the members with her grace and agility that got her accepted almost immediately.


Barios took the entrance exam alongside Tonie, and was able to work together by using their skills to make up for each other's flaws, getting past the obstacles with ease.


Her act of courage in holding back the enemies during an attack in Terminus fortress caught the attention of several Valkyrie members. News of her fighting talents eventually reached Luminary, and he agreed to seek her out and ask for her to join their group.


  • A majority of the Valkyrie members are named after historical figures from the Three Kingdoms and the Sengoku Era.

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