Title Girl of Fairy Tales
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 18
Status Alive

Basic InfoEdit

Her parents lost to a plague of Shrouded Valley, Stephanie (Steph) has long struggled to survive Arcana on her own. She grew up unaware of the state of Arcana and the war happening between the Alliance and Sahar. She befriends the friendly Specter, and followed him to the Sahar where she learns of the war, and assumes that they are the 'good guys'.


Having grown up on her own with no one to properly educate her, Steph has a very distorted sense of right and wrong as well as what is normal and abnormal. She is immature, and has the temper of a child. She hates 'grown ups', but is attracted to Eleina (presumably because of her motherly demeanor)


"Hello How are you" English Sub Ritsuka Lyrics ハロ ハワユ リツカ04:49

"Hello How are you" English Sub Ritsuka Lyrics ハロ ハワユ リツカ

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