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Title Shadow of Red Sand
Real Name -
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age 13 Elven Years, 26 Human Years
Status Alive
First Appearance Gone
Tarot Fool Arcana

Basic InfoEdit

Specter is a Sahar officer under Archane's leadership. He is known for constantly hiding his appearance in red sand that covers up his entire body. Each grain of sand is said to be a drop of blood from every enemy he has ever slain.


Though carrying a fearsome background, Specter is actually a laid-back and happy-go-lucky elf with very little interest in the war. He detests fighting and prefers taunting others and cracking lame jokes (that only Cloud has laughed at so far).

He also has a habit of lying down on everything that seems comfortable to him.



Battle ThemeEdit


  • Specter is based off a rumored event boss that appeared once in  Red Sand Hill back in the retail server for Iris Online. Players claim that he resembled an elf shrouded in maroon-like shadow. This was before the author joined Iris Online, and there has been no confirmation on whether this had actually happened or not.

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