"You're not protecting people. You're looking for a just reason to die." -- Kagiri to Silveren

Silveren Fenner

Silveren Winmer by purkles

  • Silveren - "Silver", "Sil", "Libra", "Watermelon"
  • Winmer - "Tempest Slayer", "White Mushroom"
Real Name Silveren Fenner
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 21 (Silveren); n/a (Winmer)
Status Alive
Tarot Justice Arcana
Place of Birth Byalan, Eastern Continent
Weapons Bloodletter Sword "Mysteltainn" and Bloodletter Shield
Voice Actor Steve Rogers

Basic InfoEdit

A knight of the Alliance, Silveren is dedicated to the ideals of his profession -- perhaps to dangerous extremes. He is also is the last known member of the guild Celestial Fate, which was massacred by an unknown group two years ago. After an accident in Shrouded Valley he regained the memories of his past self: the first known slayer of Glaceon, Winmer du Castell.



As a child, Silveren had always wanted to become a hero just like in the stories. When he was of age he started training in the ways of the sword. It became apparent that his dedication and discipline was most suited for knighthood. Soon after being knighted, Silveren was invited to join the guild Celestial Fate. He was designated as "Libra".

Celestial Fate was one of the guilds known for its close relationship with the government, acting often on the side of the law. This earned the guild many enemies, who apparently planned a coordinated attack against the guild. They chose to act on the guild leader's birthday, when all of the members were gathered in one place. Their vile plans went tragically successful, but the wounded Silveren managed to survive.

Ever since the incident he had sworn hatred and judgment against criminal elements, promising to discover the truth of that day and hunting down those responsible.

Winmer du CastellEdit

Little historical fact is known about the templar Winmer du Castell, other than his celebrated feat of killing the first instance of Glaceon. The act also cost him his life, and it was said that he fell into the icy lake (either in Altus Gorge or in Shrouded Valley) after his victory.

The legends about Winmer tend to vary, but the most famous ones told of how he served as a protector of a kingdom that once occupied the Frozen Wastes. When the Sahar attacked the kingdom fought valiantly, but their efforts were in vain. The queen, in her desperation, used an ancient magic to summon the guardian spirit of the valleys, but the ritual went awry. Both queen and summon were corrupted by the Sahar, fusing together into the being known as Glaceon. Rather than follow his comrades in their escape, Winmer du Castell chose to confront the rampaging monster his queen had become.

Due to the war that had consumed his kingdom, he has unparalleled dislike for the Sahar.


Silveren is quiet and intimidating in appearance. In reality, he is shy and prefers not to talk because he often doesn't have the guts to initiate a conversation. He makes for a thoughtful, loyal friend, albeit with a stubborn streak. He dislikes unwanted attention and is more of a follower than a leader. Despite looking annoyed all the time, Silveren is actually very patient and it takes a lot to truly anger him. He avoids talking about his past and will be irritable if forced.

As Winmer, he becomes more approachable and slightly more open with his emotions, though he still retains an air of seriousness. He is more decisive, possessing a single-minded and unbending drive towards the goal at hand. Sometimes Silveren thinks that 'Winmer' is more preferred by the people around him, due to being more forceful and outspoken.

Both men respect authority, value order and strive to do the right thing. They take their knightly vows as protectors very seriously and have a strong dislike of people who abandon others, especially those they were supposed to defend. When someone dies under their watch, they are severely affected. Silveren in particular has doubts over his abilities, especially when he remembers how he failed to protect his guild mates. However, while Silveren's priority is to hunt down those who have wronged him and his guild, Winmer's goal is to eradicate the Sahar.


Silveren has wavy, uneven red hair and green eyes. His default expression is a mild frown, giving him the air of someone who's always annoyed with something. Coupled with his imposing height, many people find him unapproachable. Since he always participates in patrols and monster extermination missions, he is often seen in armor.

According to Winmer, his appearance when he was alive was eerily similar to the present, only that his hair was silver.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Both Silveren and Winmer prefer a more defensive style of fighting, slowly wearing down the enemy and enduring the damage. Offense isn't their area of expertise, and duels tend to become battles of attrition. They are more in their element as a member of a group.


An ancient one-hand sword said to be among the feared Bloodletter weapons, also called the 'Lightslayer'. Mysteltainn is a weapon that grows in power due to its wielder's negative emotions. At its strongest, it was said to be able to kill divine beings -- at the cost of its user's existence. On the fateful day of the massacre, the guild leader entrusted the sword to Silveren in his dying moments and warning him to never give in to hatred and despair. Even Winmer is strongly against in using the sword, though he admits that the power it could give is tempting.



Silveren's fellow knight who trained with him. They are opposites in most ways imaginable -- Salistalya is carefree and upbeat, while Silveren is more driven and quiet. Silveren never passes up the chance to tell Salistalya to train more often, and Salistalya usually retorts by saying Silveren is a 'stick-in-the-mud killjoy'. Nevertheless, they are good friends and have been through a lot of adventures. In particular, it was Salistalya who found Silveren after the attack on Celestial Fate, and stayed with him throughout his difficult recovery period.


Elven healer and older sister of Aksel. Tiffany is a kind, sympathizing sage whom Silveren met during his many patrols and missions. He seemed to develop feelings for her, but her sudden disappearance -- along with her guild Templar -- put a stop at anything before it could even start. Silveren believes that she is still alive somewhere.

Alzamorne IsoreEdit

Scout and guild mate of Silveren, given the position of 'Pisces'. They used to be best friends, as they were both the 'quiet, intimidating ones' in the guild. Silveren thinks he died along with the rest of Celestial Fate, but later on he discovers that it might not be the case.


Even before acquiring his memories as Winmer, Silveren always felt as though he had known the wizard before. They are on good terms, even if there's a kind of indescribable awkwardness between them at times.


While Silveren feels slightly put-off by the wizard's presence (as most people do), he doesn't feel any animosity towards him. Winmer, on the other hand, is terribly mistrustful of Hisaka as he recognizes the wizard for who he truly is. He constantly calls Hisaka as the 'Sahar prince' and is always vigilant for any danger he might pose to the Alliance -- real or otherwise.


「K」 Project OST - Knight

「K」 Project OST - Knight


'Knight' from Project K has an energetic yet elegant sound, representing both Winmer and Silveren's unrelenting push towards their goals, no matter the obstacles.

Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble OST - Fighter's Honor (Flying Remix)-0

Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble OST - Fighter's Honor (Flying Remix)-0

Battle ThemeEdit

'Fighter's Honor ~Flying Remix~' from Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble has a heroic, lively sound befitting a character whose purpose is to protect others.    


  • Silveren's condition is similar to Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai -- the two selves are different facets of the same being, with differing priorities. When 'Winmer' takes over, it's as if Silveren 'slides' back into the person he was a thousand years ago, just in a different context.
  • Silveren's hometown being named 'Byalan' is a reference to Ragnarok Online.
  • Sometimes he changes personalities within the same sentence, but since the Winmer and Silveren aren't too different from each other, it's barely noticeable. In time, their personalities, memories and habits even 'bleed' together.
  • Even before falling into the lake, Silveren had nightmares of drowning. Both are also afraid of deep water, and are reluctant to step on ice.
  • They also dislike it when their names are shortened.
  • Despite being an introvert most of the time, Silveren has a very impressive 'battlefield voice' -- if he wants to be heard, he will be heard. Apparently his badgering of Salistalya -- especially when he's trying to convince her to leave the rooftop and finally train -- has honed his vocal cords.
  • It was Aleks who gave him the nicknames "Watermelon" and "White Mushroom". Eerily enough, he seemed to know that Winmer du Castell's hair color was white (hence the nickname) without anyone telling him.
  • 'Winmer' is most likely to take over when Silveren is in battle, particularly when fighting Sahar.
  • Silveren keeps a mandragora garden and is fiercely protective of his plants. He stubbornly keeps taking care of them despite repeated theft.
    • He appears to be attuned with plants and trees. He is the only person other than Hisaka who can engage George in a 'conversation'.
    • As a child, he spent his time among the gardens and plantations inland since he is deathly afraid of deep water, which is unfortunate as Byalan is a seaside community. Coupled with his crippling shyness, instead of playing with other children Silveren ended up in the company of plants, particularly mandragoras.
  • He is unexpectedly popular with the people of Terminus. Apparently the women find him 'mysterious but dependable'. Silveren doesn't notice the attention, and when he does he is constantly baffled with it.