Shulander Archane/Relationships


Title Monarch of Darkness
Real Name Shulander Archane
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Emperor Arcana
Date of Birth 15th March
Place of Birth The Tree of Life
Weapons Archelon Tarot Cards
Blood Type B+
Height 7'0


Sing for me

Yellowcard - Sing For Me

Eleina found him as a baby in a golden fruit from the Tree of Life. Though the Elders were the ones that raised him, Archane has shown to be more attached to her than them. She was kept as a prisoner in the laboratory where Hisaka and Kagiri were created, where she quietly committed suicide through self-harm, unable to endure watching the children kill each other.

Upon reincarnation, she has attempted to take her own life again, only to be spiritually chained to Archane so that any attempts to kill herself would fail, as he would keep her alive.

  • As the story progresses, she follows Archane around for a majority of the time as a rule to stay protected from Kaze's murder attempts.
  • Eleina slowly develops feelings for Archane, even able to openly hold his hand. Archane does not seem to mind her affection, but makes it clear that his goal to create and rule over a 'perfect Arcana' remains the same.
  • Archane has, but rarely, returned Eleina's affections.