Shulander Archane/Music


Title Monarch of Darkness
Real Name Shulander Archane
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Emperor Arcana
Date of Birth 15th March
Place of Birth The Tree of Life
Weapons Archelon Tarot Cards
Blood Type B+
Height 7'0

Battle ThemeEdit

FST ArchaneOtherworld

Cover Art for Archane's battle theme.

Archane's theme song is "'Otherworld" (Final Fantasy X), by Nobuo' Uematsu. The title 'Otherworld' also represents Archane's twisted obsession to create another world, a 'perfect' Arcana.
FFX Otherworld

FFX Otherworld


Teen Titans Unreleased Music- Beast Boy and Terra

Teen Titans Unreleased Music- Beast Boy and Terra

Archane and Eleina actually have a theme of their own; "Beastboy and Terra" from the Teen Titans' soundtrack. The song is a theme for a completely separate and off-story chapter for Volume 1 where Archane decides to spend some time with Eleina, which slowly reveals a more human side of him throughout the chapter.