Shulander Archane/Appearance


Title Monarch of Darkness
Real Name Shulander Archane
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Emperor Arcana
Date of Birth 15th March
Place of Birth The Tree of Life
Weapons Archelon Tarot Cards
Blood Type B+
Height 7'0

Archane designing

Archane's concept.

Archane has short, messy brown hair, his right bangs seemingly longer than the left. His eyes are a bright shade of red, and he has tattoos of the same color that ranges from his face to his chest and along his back. He has an average muscular build, and usually wears clothes of dull, grey-black colors.

His most consistent clothing is a long-sleeved shirt with a torn-up collar that often shows his collarbone.