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Shulander Archane


Title Monarch of Darkness
Real Name Shulander Archane
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Emperor Arcana
Date of Birth 15th March
Place of Birth The Tree of Life
Weapons Archelon Tarot Cards
Blood Type B+
Height 7'0

Basic Info

Archane (Shulander Archane) was born from a fruit from the Tree of Life. He is the main antagonist of ArcIris.

The Beginning

Archane was born from a fruit that fell from the Tree of Life. The Elders saw him as a miracle child, a gift from the Gods themselves, and raised him to be the future king of Arcana. Talented in every form of combat and knowledge, with the heart of a true king, he led the people of Arcana into prosperity and a golden age.

The 1st War

His curiosity of magic continued to grow as he did, and by the time he reached teenhood and he became obsessed with the idea that magic could be used to make Arcana 'perfect'.

Thirsty for knowledge, he began running terrible experiments in a laboratory located at Sandfall Desert. Living beings, from humans to elves to hybrids, were forcefully created through mana, most of which backfired and either killed them, or simply made them disappear. Hisaka and Kagiri were one of the few experiments that survived.

Archane's acts of 'playing god' and twisted game of pitting his test subjects into battling each other, was eventually noticed. Before any action could be taken to stop him, he was already too deep in madness. With Hisaka's help, Archane began to massacre his own people, building the Sahar Army which consisted of monsters that were under his control.

In search of nothing but entertainment and the perfection of his own twisted world, he soon became the fallen king of Arcana, tormenting the people of the land and destroying the once beautiful continent.

A coalition army of humans, elves and hybrids united and fought against him. Unable to defeat him, they sealed Archane behind Sahar's gate, ending the first war.

The 2nd War