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Title Cerberus of Sahar
Real Name -
Gender -
Race -
Age -
Tarot -

Basic InfoEdit

Sethilius is a monster that guards the entrance to Archane's throne room. Constantly alert, he kills any prisoner that attempts to escape, or anyone that bothers his master's chambers, without mercy.


Although he is a monster, Seth has shown to have a personality of his own. He is very much like a pet dog (though he's actually a horse-like-being), and is loyal to his creator, Archane. He is not fond of the other Sahar members; often times just glaring at them with intimidation until they leave his sight.

That aside, Seth is oddly fond of Eleina; often obeying the elf's playful commands to 'sit', 'roll over', 'shake' and so on, very much like a trained dog would.


Pokemon Xerneas Yveltal Theme "Epic Rock" Cover (Little V)02:50

Pokemon Xerneas Yveltal Theme "Epic Rock" Cover (Little V)


  • Seth is actually an allusion to Cerberus, the 3-headed hellhound of the underworld.

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