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Basic Info

Sai-shou (Megan Lorince) was the player behind CloudWatcher in gpotato's Iris Online server. Plans to start the comic began when the server closed down on 31st July 2012.

She's just your average video game-addicted, music-passionate and art-loving girl living a stressful college life.


She did not do well in her O' Level examinations, and was rejected by multiple schools back in her country where she was labelled as someone with no future. She is now taking an Illustration and Animation diploma in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

Music Life

During her high school years, she was a part of a church choir, which developed her singing over the years. She fandubbed a Dutch version of Alison Krauss' 'There Is Life', and Nadia Aki Gifford's 'I Cry'.

Before moving to Singapore for studies, she took up piano and music as a pass time.

ArcIris' first original song, the Decomus Hymn was composed using only her cellphone to record the piano chords, and her brother's headset that was held together by tape for the voice recording. The program used to put the song together was Audacity.

Gaming Life

Having played video games since a very young age, she continues to develop an interest and passion for video games from generations old and new. She carries an old Playstation Portable (2006) around where she mainly plays Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Dissidia 012 on.

Regardless of gaming experience, she freaks out very easily, mentioning that she had never finished Resident Evil 4 just because she couldn't handle the tension of being chased by enemies. She always dares herself to play horror games ranging from Fatal Frame to Haunting Ground, only to be too scared to progress any further.

Vongola Life

In 2010 she was the Cloud Guardian in her own "Vongola Famiglia". The group split up at the end of 2010 but each member still hold their famiglia rings. In 2011 she became the co-founder and artist for a Katekyo Hitman Reborn roleplaying group Vongola Undicescimo (XI) as their Cloud guardian as well, which is where her IGN 'CloudWatcher' derives from, not from Cloud Strife like most people think.


  • Sai-shou's Deviant Art (usually posts personal artworks rather than ArcIris-related material)
  • MangaMagazine (where ArcIris will be published)
  • Newgrounds (for ArcIris music that will be digitally composed)
  • She was a senior kendoka during high school, but the club disbanded a year after due to members moving onto university or focusing on exams.
  • She used to have short hair that made her look like a boy, but left her hair to grow long (about the same length as Cloud's hair) after Iris Online's retail server had closed down.

Other Works

Deco*27 - Outree (with vocals)-0

Deco*27 - Outree (with vocals)-0

Shingeki no Kyojin Guren no Yumiya (One-person choir)

Shingeki no Kyojin Guren no Yumiya (One-person choir)