The Breakout (First War)Edit

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Arcana was first created by a mystical giant that descended from the heavens, planting the Tree of Life that bore fruits that gave birth to the land's creatures. One day, a baby boy was found within one of the tree's fruits, and the Elders named him Shulander Archane.

He was raised by the people and grew into a fine king that led them to prosperity. However, Archane eventually became addicted to his research and experiments on magic and power, and slowly sunk into madness.

The Sahar War was brought upon by Archane's corrupted lust for power where he sacrificed innocent lives to test the extent of his magic. The Coalition army of Humans, Elves, and Hybrids rose together and fought against him, sealing him behind an ancient gate called Sahar where he was locked away in another dimension. This conflict was also well known because of the 10 Ancient Warriors; heroes who performed amazing feats during the time of battle, bringing the Coalition army to a miraculous victory and the sealing of Archane behind Sahar's Gate once more. Though unfortunately, the victory was claimed at the cost of each of their lives.

The Great Sealing (Second War)Edit

Years go by, people having forgotten the existence of the monarch that was slowly recovering his powers within the alternate dimension. Archane stumbled upon a fallen rune fragment in the dimension, successfully forging a sword from it's pieces. The sword, with the rune's magic, was powerful enough to cut through dimensions itself, and this caused Dimensional Rifts to appear on Arcana.

Monsters slowly leaked out from the Rifts under Archane's command, bringing destruction and ruin upon the land once more.

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