Royal Knights
Status Active
Leader Crescendo


The Royal Knights (also known as The Sentinels) are the knights of highest rank within the Alliance. Currently, there are 4 Sentinels; Crescendo, Chaer, Caen and Cross.

They are well-known for their flawless executions of completing their missions without much trouble. The people of Terminus see them as their 'wall', and have high expectations and respect for them.


The leader of the group. He rarely makes appearances in public or in the group itself, but when he does, he gets the job done quick and fast.


The only female, 'disciplinary upholder' of the group, and the co-leader whenever Crescendo is not present.


The 'big brother-figure' of the group.


The 'silent assassin' of the group.


  • The Royal Knights' "Sentinels" actually derives from the Singapore Sentinels.
  • Royal Knights are required to conceal their real names and go by an alias beginning with the letter 'C'.

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