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Title 8th Saviour
Real Name n/a
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 20 - 28
Status Dead
Tarot Fool Arcana
Date of Birth n/a
Place of Birth Decomus (Fallen)
Team 10 Ancient Warriors

Basic Info

Reira is a healer from the First Sahar War, and the 8th of the 10 Ancient Warriors. Known to be a direct ancestor of Kiseki Rei, Reira was a sage who was well-known for her lullaby, 'Children of Hope' (to be officially composed by Sai-shou) which she sung to soothe crying children who lost their families to war.

See: Children of Hope


The Sahar Army saw her as a tool to crush the people's spirits, and had her hung in the center of Wood Garden's poisonous lake where she would be forced to sing for them. Unphased by their attempt to crush her courage, she sang the lullaby one final time, reaching the hearts of millions within Arcana before she was dropped into the lake. The lullaby is still, to this day, remembered by the people, and is especially still sung by healers.


She often wears a grumpy expression on her face, but cares deeply for her people, and had taken part in countless charity events to support families and those that were affected badly by the war. A member of the chapel, she had a natural talent for singing, as she was also part of their choir.


Concept reira

Early design of Reira.

Her hair is a dark shade of pink, tied up to make it look like a swallow tail hanging down from her ponytail at the back.

[Outfit still under design]


Ixia del Marca

They know each other through serving the chapel of Decomus in supporting the unfortunate. They are more of acquaintances than friends, but have openly shared their hopes and dreams of seeing an Arcana free from Archane's madness.


  • Surprisingly, Rei has a terrible singing voice; the complete opposite of Reira.
  • "Ra" in Ancient Arcanian actually means "tail".