Character submissions are currently open.


Your character can match any of the 3 types we have listed below. But if you have your own unique race or character, they're still more than welcome.


V human
Your everyday, normal, human beings. They can be fighters, or magic users. But not limited to Iris-specific classes. You can even have them go for dagger-use, or any weapon/fighting style that suits your preference.

The human race is average, when compared to both Elves and Hybrids, but the fallen runes from Dimensional Rifts gave several humans the extra 'spark' they needed to bring out their potential in magic.

  • The number of humans in ArcIris are just average, but we still try to focus on getting more Hybrids.


V elf

The typical, pointy-eared woodland species. Elves are specially known for their talents in magic, and wide range of knowledge.

It is preferred that your elf character is a magic user. But again, we are not Iris-specific, so you are free to have them use swords, daggers etc. The elves are also the oldest race of the land and keep most of the forgotten and forbidden knowledge of Arcana, guarded by their elders.

  • Majority of the characters in ArcIris are elves, so we're trying not to have too much of them.


V hybrid

A mix of human and animal, dwellers of the wild that have good stamina, strength and strong instincts built from generations of honing their hunting talents. They are also known for their skills in taming wild beasts, turning them into the mounts you see in-game. It is said that the Hybrid Elder, who has lived for over centuries, was the owner of a young and tamed Lisk before Lord Archane's corruption turned the beast into an enemy of Arcana.

  • ArcIris has very small amount of Hybrids, so we're trying to target creating/recruiting more of them.

(New races to be included soon, but the three listed above are the main types.)

Original Character Submission Form

Please include:

  • A description/visual preview (or screenshot if you're an Iris Online player) of the character
  • personality details
  • weapon of choice, or fighting style information
  • their background story (we have the right to decline if you godmod/disrespect other characters)

Send your forms to or


  • No over-powering your character.
  • No enemy should be stronger than Archane.


Choose where your character will side on:

Allied Forces

Coalition forces, an army led by Prince Shilly to stand up against the Sahar Forces.

Consists of : Valkyrie, CheckMate, Royal Knights [Off-limits]

Sahar Army

Main antagonists, led by the corrupted ex-ruler of Arcana, Shulander Archane.


Neutral, or just a person on their own business. Can be anything, including an antagonist outside of the Sahar Army.

Consists of : Lunam et Stellas [Off-limits], Ur

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