Prince Shilly
Title Prince of Terminus
Real Name Shilly Ellegaria
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
First Appearance Guilt
Place of Birth Terminus
Family Acier (Younger Sister)

Basic InfoEdit

Prince Shilly Ellegaria (Shilly) is the prince of Terminus, and the next heir in line for the throne.


Shilly is often times comical, but when it comes down to the safety and well-being of his people, he is very responsible and takes the initiative in setting things in order. He occasionally cracks lame jokes (which, again, only Cloud has laughed at so far), and thinks of himself as a good jokester.

He is a very easy person to approach and talk to, and the people of Terminus are fond of him.


App shilly

Shilly's in-game appearance.

Ch4-shilly first

Shilly's first appearance in Chapter 4.

Shilly has medium-length blond hair, and wears a kind of headband with a single crystal (believed to be a piece of Crystalisk's tail) set in the center.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit



The both of them are often mistaken as 'best friends' of a sort, because of how Shilly treats Luminary like an older brother figure, much to the latter's annoyance. Luminary has actually cared for Shilly ever since he was a child, thus their close bond.



Cloud WatcherEdit



  • He goes on daily patrols around Terminus during the evening, and would listen to any problems his people would have, doing his best to solve them.