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Paleon Biao Hai Ming
Title Ocean's Burden
Real Name Biao Hai Ming
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 19
Status Alive
Weapons Bladed Anchor

Basic InfoEdit

Paleon (Heloise/表海明) is one of the antagonists under the Sahar Army. Her recurring opponent is Duke Senel. Once a normal, innocent child, her home was taken away by the Allied forces (though in reality, it was the Lunam Et Stellas bandit group that pretended to be the Allied forces) and her family was forced to live elsewhere, with nothing left from their former home.

Paleon stumbled upon a Dimensional Rift one day, and accidentally had her hand caught inside the vortex. Upon pulling it back out, a hollow skull covered in black flames flew out from the rift and stuck itself to the left side of her head, feeding on her hatred of the so-called soldiers that took her home away, and turning her into the 'monster' she appears to be in the story.


Originally, Paleon was quiet and timid, often speaking in such a soft tone that she can barely be heard. Shyness aside, she is kind and loving of her family and what few close friends she had. She also believes in staying healthy through mind and body, studying the Eastern-style culture and exercises that makes her 'one with nature'.

Upon being attacked by the skull from the Dimensional Rift, she turns completely silent, battle-hardened and loyal to Azure Dragon.


Paleon has long, white hair that splits into four 'tails' at the middle, supposedly representing the nine-tailed fox in Eastern culture, her 'four tails' meaning that she is still at a 'young stage of growth'.

Concept paleon

Paleon's early design.

In Paleon's earlier concepts, she is seen wearing a plain sleeveless shirt with short pants, loose socks, and a pants cape hanging down from the back of her waist.

She is still under development, but her design will stick with her early concept, except the outfit will be more complex.


Azure DragonEdit

She sees the beast as her 'master', presumably because of her old training methods that involved a majority of Eastern Culture; Azure being a Chinese Dragon.

They are not emotionally attached to one another but Paleon remains loyal to him, refusing to listen to anyone else (even Archane himself). Occasionally, she will brew and carry large barrels of tea to share with her master. (some of which Kaze would sometimes steal to bring to the S.A.M)

Houshi KazeEdit

Paleon doesn't seem to mind Kaze's company when having time off from missions or battles. They are often seen meditating or just walking together within the Sahar castle walls. Kaze is the only one besides Azure that Paleon is attached to. They share similar interests in Eastern cultures, and will sometimes challenge each other to a duel.


Theme SongEdit


G.I. Joe - Retaliation Soundtrack - 09 - Storm Shadow

Battle ThemeEdit

Onimusha Dawn Of Dreams OST Jubei Yagyu Red Theme

Onimusha Dawn Of Dreams OST Jubei Yagyu Red Theme

Naruto OST 3 - Heavy Violence

Naruto OST 3 - Heavy Violence


  • Paleon plucks leaves from Mandragora heads to brew her tea.
  • Originally, Paleon was supposed to be a design for an adult version of Syn, but a random skull and 'tails' added to her hair, drawn within her concept sketches made her into a new character.