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"All those years...'Nevie had not seen the truth."

Nevialla Athensworth

Nevie 02

  • Death Match Despair
  • Mom (by Syn)
  • Monster's Daughter
Real Name -
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 24 Elven Years, 48 Human Years
Status Alive
First Appearance The Piraknights
Tarot Death Arcana
Date of Birth 6th November
Place of Birth Ipras, Western Continent
Blood Type A
Height 6'7
Voice Actor Rayne Beaux

Basic Info

Nevialla Athensworth (Nevie) is the daughter of the Royal Executioner, and works as a chef in the Piraknight crew.

Nevie was raised in the royal palace, her father being the High Executioner, and her mother being one of the castle's chefs. As a child, she would sneak out of her room at times to meet up with Palladium, an orphaned elf from the war, who eventually became her best friend. By the time she had reached teenhood, she left the castle with Palladium to work under the Piraknights Crew; a band of sailors set on travelling across the Arcanian Ocean.

During the voyage, the crew captain's wife gave birth to a baby girl, Syn, whom Palladium died to protect.



Adult Nevie (left), young Nevie (right)

Being the daughter of a fearful executioner, Nevie grew up into somewhat of a loner as a result of being bullied and rejected by the other children in the castle who called her 'the monster's daughter'.

Although she had lived and trained under the Piraknights to become a tough sailor, she still has her polite and elegant manners as an aristocrat.

Once in a while, she shows to have a slight sadistic side towards others, giving no care when they are in pain. She is happier, nicer and shows hints of shyness around Palladium.

She rejects Palla's forms of affection to her when others are around, often punching the latter in the face.


A Nevie

Nevie's appearance in-game

Nevie has black, wavy, shoulder-length hair with the front parted to two sides. Her irises are dark brown in color.

Nevie's normalwear consists of a black, long-sleeved body suit, along with a collared corset on top that hangs below her neckline. Both sides of her shoulders have little 'flags' with the elven Symbol of Faith sewn onto them.

During the Piraknight's voyage, she is often seen wearing bright dresses and sometimes, a white, long sleeved top covered by a grey hooded vest and pants. Belts were hung on her shoulders and waist with satchels attached to them as well.

Abilities + Weapons

Nevie's choice weapon is nothing too special, just a regular Sage's staff that any healer would carry to amplify their healing arts. She has no experience in combat, but is capable of punching a full-grown Hybrid off his feet, as shown when she protected Syn from the angry salesman in town.

Upon becoming a Sahar prisoner, Tonie teaches her how to turn healing magic into deadly attacks strong enough to break through walls. She slowly begins to lose her healer's touch and uses destructive magic instead.



Nevie's childhood friend, and best friend. Palladium fought off a group of bullies, protecting Nevie when they were younger. Since then Nevie had been sneaking out of the castle to meet Palla. The both of them constantly ran into trouble from breaking things in town. Nevie has also shown to like Palla more than a friend, but denies it strongly whenever someone points it out.


The captain's daughter, whom Palladium died protecting. At first, Nevie held a grudge towards Syn, blaming her for Palladium's death. But over the years of watching her grow up, Nevie slowly realizes that Palladium's sacrifice was not in vain as Syn proved to be someone worth protecting.

Royal Executioner Athensworth

Nevie's father. It is not clear whether or not they acknowledge each other, but Athensworth has shown deep care for his daughter several times in the story, though indirectly. Nevie is also sometimes seen communicating with him in morse code , though it is unclear why she does so.


Nevie's mother. They are close and Nevie has learned much about cooking from her while growing up. Cecille sings French lullabies to soothe Nevie whenever she cried.


Theme Song

Nodame Cantabile-Konna ni Chikaku de04:05

Nodame Cantabile-Konna ni Chikaku de

Crystal Kay 's Konna ni Chikaku de (Nodame Cantabille) is a
song that strongly describes Nevie's relationship with Palladium, and shows the side of her that keeps emotions and problems bottled up.

Battle Theme

Nevie's battle theme (for her life as a Sahar Prisoner later in the series) is "Dismiss" by Yoko Shimomura. It's also the true final boss theme for
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep OST - Dismiss (Xehanort Final Boss Theme)04:11

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep OST - Dismiss (Xehanort Final Boss Theme)

Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep.


  • She wears glasses, as seen in a sketch of her and Palladium.
    Nev glasses

    Nevie with glasses

  • A short animation based off Nevialla and Palladium was made as a project for the author's part-time course. The animation can be viewed here.
  • She is a good cook, but purposely makes horrible food for those she dislikes.
  • She specializes in healing arts, but has a bad habit of treating wounds roughly.
  • It is revealed that Nevie once had her hair forcefully cut short by the bullies back in her childhood.
  • Nevie is known to speak with a French accent, and has been seen singing a French lullaby, La Petite Poule Grise , to Syn on several occasions.
  • She shares a room with Palla on the Piraknight's ship.
  • She understands Decomian, but rarely speaks the language.
  • Nevie and Palla's appearance concept might actually be inspired by Aigis and Metis from Persona 3 Fes. The fact that Palla was named after Aigis' Persona supports so. Their color scheme seem to be similar as well.
Heartful Cry -Dual Mix- (Stellar)-006:07

Heartful Cry -Dual Mix- (Stellar)-0

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