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Title Menli Men Men
Real Name -
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a
Status Alive (even though he should be dead by now)

Basic InfoEdit

Meneli is a human that was accidentally created as a result of Aleks' alchemy incident. He soon becomes the most annoying and most hated person in Arcana (even by the Sahar Army themselves) due to his prodigious innate ability to inspire nothing but utmost revulsion and fear among the hearts of all that lives (as described by Hisaka).


He enjoys flirting with other men (and occasionally, younger girls), which always ends with him being beaten up or rejected in disgust.

  • He had attempted to flirt with Archane once. Before Archane was able to set Meneli on fire, the latter's actions surprisingly caused Eleina to lose her cool, and blow him out of the castle walls and halfway across the river that divides the Sahar's land from the Alliance.
  • When he tried to flirt with Syn, Nevialla punched the living daylights out of him.


Meneli has an androgynous appearance that brings confusion to others that do not know him personally.
A Meneli

Meneli's in-game appearance. (Please be reminded that Meneli is a male)

He has short, bright-orange hair that sticks out at the ends and he often dresses up in pink, frilly dresses with a matching hat that has a pink feather sticking out from the side.


Theme SongEdit

Two and a half men Theme

Two and a half men Theme