"You see, my dream is to live quietly."

Lythal Zenith
  • Mistfire
  • Shadow King
  • Aquarius
Real Name Veros kin Undinel
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Tarot Emperor Arcana
Date of Birth February 2
Place of Birth Western Continent
Team Lunam et Stellas
Weapons Ancient Arcanian staff "Ingvalna"
Family Saelion kin Undinel (Grandfather)

Basic InfoEdit

Lythal is the second-in-command of Lunam et Stellas. A sorcerer who favors fire, he is called the 'shadow king' of the guild and manages most of its affairs. The opposite of the guild leader Sebastian with his soft-spoken and seemingly friendly attitude, he is utterly ruthless to those who oppose the guild -- and those who turn their back to it.


Polite, soft-spoken and affable, Lythal is easy to get along with. He possesses a keen insight of people and their motivations. It is easy to mistake him to be harmless as he will employ diplomacy before resorting to violence. Yet, when enraged, he is heartless, though he retains a composed aura.

Lythal has no illusions about the world -- he believes it is a cruel place, and that people can be worse than monsters. Nevertheless, an idealist remains within him, believing that it is possible to make the world better and make his dream a reality -- that is, to live quietly and peacefully, just like in his childhood. Lythal thinks that being under the control of Lunam et Stellas is truly making the Western Continent a better place, imposing order and stopping the various wars. Despite sanctioning criminal activities, he also tries to enforce standards, such as forbidding pointless violence and inclusion of children.

Inspired by the stories his grandfather told him, Lythal seeks to have a 'family' -- people to fight for and to welcome him. For this reason he is possessive of the Lunam members and despises traitors. He appears to be unaware of his selfish tendencies, genuinely believing his restrictive actions are for the other person's own good.


Lythal has the height of the average elf and a lean figure. He has light gray eyes, with his pale blue hair reaching down the middle of his back. Under certain lighting conditions, his hair looks white or silver. Sometimes he ties his hair back with a black ribbon.

At times Lythal also wears a circlet, which is actually a heirloom of his family. Contrary to most spell casters, he dislikes long, sweeping robes and prefers more practical, close-fitting clothes. He also favors muted, understated colors.

He bears a slave's mark below the back of his neck, a remnant of his days in the prize fighting arenas. The mark has several noticeable scars upon it, including a particularly deep one that appears to have been deliberately made by a bladed object. Lythal does not hide the fact he bears a slave's tattoo and freely tells its origins when asked, though he will not respond to questions regarding the scars.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Lythal is as powerful as a sorcerer could be without any supernatural empowering entity. His brand of magic, as taught to him by the original Lythal Zenith, is said to be of little refinement, emphasizing raw strength and is very destructive. His favored element is fire.

He uses his grandfather's staff, the Ingvalna, which is said to predate the first war. It looks its age -- worn and chipped, but its effectivity hasn't diminished the least.


Saelion kin UndinelEdit

Veros' grandfather, Saelion was a veteran of the first war against the Sahar, living well into the period of relative peace after Shulander Archane was sealed. He told the young Veros many tales of his times, though he often disguised or changed the more terrifying aspects so as not to scare his grandson. He died peacefully in his sleep, and Veros was deeply saddened by his passing. Even when he had grown up and experienced the cruelties of life, he still loves Saelion and his stories, reminding him of better times.

Lythal's circlet and Ingvalna staff are inherited from Saelion. It is also remarked that he is the spitting image of Saelion during the latter's youth.

Lythal ZenithEdit

The 'true' Lythal Zenith, an elderly sorcerer who quite had a fearsome reputation among the older denizens of the Western Continent. Stories about him vary, but the most common was he tried to consolidate the warring factions of the land and almost succeeded. After seeing Veros fighting for his life in the arena, he asked the young elf what he wanted in life. When the boy answered his only desire is to live peacefully, it apparently amused the sorcerer. He then took Veros from the arena and taught him everything he knew about magic. Lythal died soon after his apprentice proved himself as capable as his master, claiming it was a pity he would not see what a 'broken boy with a simple dream' will do with power.

Veros, partly out of respect and to discard his former identity, took up his teacher's name -- he was no more a helpless slave, but a man driven to change the world.


An exiled noble from the Eastern Continent, Lythal quickly saw the single-minded ambition in the elf's eyes. Determining that the newcomer is the lesser evil among the assortment of would-be leaders in the land, he allied himself with Sebastian and formed the core of what eventually will become Lunam et Stellas. His more diplomatic and cautious attitude complemented Sebastian's straightforward and often cruel nature. While the wind walker led the guild in battle and instilling fear among their enemies, Lythal handled the more mundane tasks of running the organization.


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  • Lythal values Keir Stuart's feedback, even if the latter feels uncomfortable communicating with him.
  • Laurenz Randall is Lythal's least trusted member. The guardian has nothing to lose and is only following Sebastian out of honor. He is the one most likely to act rebelliously, and his silence only means that Lythal has little to predict his behavior.
  • Lythal is an avid reader of fiction.
  • His preference for more practical robes is taken from his grandfather Saelion.

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