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  • King of the Valkyries
  • "Old Man" by Ur
  • Gloomy Lumi
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age 30 Elven Years, 60 Human Years
Status Alive
First Appearance Guilt
Team Valkyrie
Weapons n/a

Basic Info

Formerly a soldier under the Alliance, Luminary is now the leader of the elite Valkyrie forces, and serves as Prince Shilly's military commander.

It was the loss of his little sister, his only family, that turned him into a grouchy, cold and battle-hardened warrior that quickly made his way up the Alliance ranks within weeks.

He speaks to himself sometimes, but when questioned about it, he answers with "I'm talking to my sister".


Constantly grouchy and frowny-faced, Luminary gives off the aura of someone who just wants to be left alone. He is strict, and follows the law without question, bringing justice to those who break it. He rarely takes breaks, and is actually extremely sleep-deprived.

He has a rude tone of voice, and is easily annoyed by people who talk too much.


App lumi

Luminary from Iris Online retail.

Love so pure

Comical Christmas card of Luminary (left) and Ur (right).

Luminary has short, spiky, teal-colored hair and his eyes are green. He is considered very tall when compared to the average height of a full-grown elven male.

He has a piercing on his lower right lip, and wears an earring on his right ear.

Abilities & Weapons



Despite being enemies, they seem to get along in a sibling-love-hate-relationship way.

Prince Shilly

The both of them are often mistaken as 'best friends' of a sort, because of how Shilly treats Luminary like an older brother figure, much to the latter's annoyance. Luminary has actually cared for Shilly ever since he was a child, thus their close bond.

Luminary currently still cares for Shilly, and is seen by his side most of the time.


Luminary's younger sister, and his only family. She was killed during the early years of the Second War, devoured by a Sahar monster. They were close, and Ellen especially loved flowers.

Fon Lei

Luminary's second-in-command. He is ver fond of her and although he doesn't admit it, enjoys her presence around him. They are able to understand each other without words, and have gone through the worst of the war together.


Theme Song

Metroid Prime - Solitude OC Remix03:24

Metroid Prime - Solitude OC Remix


  • Ur occasionally makes fun of his lip piercing, saying it's the reason why he frowns all the time.

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