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Lord Bod
Title The King
Gender Male
Race Elf
Status Alive
Team CheckMate
Weapons Daggers (Blades torn from Sraclone's fangs)

Basic InfoEdit

Lord Bod is the 3rd leader of CheckMate, right before Khyle. He steps down from his duty not long after Cloud arrives in Terminus, leaving the leadership of the group to Khyle.


He never speaks, not once in the series, but is somehow respected greatly by the townspeople and his followers. They state that his strong leadership and his acts of great kindness are what had drawn them to follow his guidance in the first place.

Khyle is the only one that seems to understand him without exchanging words, and she speaks for him most of the time.


App bod

Lord Bod from Iris Online retail.


Khyle FuentesEdit

They both led the CheckMate guild side-by-side, supporting their members and upholding their responsibilities of being royal family guardians. They are amongst the most respected inhabitants of Terminus besides the Royal Knights. The both of them also share a brother-sister-like relationship, Khyle often punching the male elf on the shoulder and calling him 'dude' and 'bro'.

  • An interesting fact is that Khyle looks quite alike to Lord Bod in terms of hair and eye color. Although it was only by coincidence that the characters looked like that in-game, this may imply that they could actually be siblings in ArcIris.