"I ain't cut out for this bodyguarding business."

Title Guardian of Freedom
Real Name Susanne Stennefo
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 16
Status Alive
Tarot Moon Arcana
Date of Birth n/a
Team Valkyrie

Basic InfoEdit

Kusumi (Susanne) is Syn's cousin, and a member (former member later in the series) of the Valkyrie. Pressured from working under the Valkyrie, she decided to take a break from her responsibilities after hearing from her father that her cousin, Syn (whom she had never met), would soon arrive in Terminus for the first time.

At the same time, Prince Shilly's younger sister Acier, the princess of Terminus, had escaped the castle, and the two girls met, immediately becoming acquaintances.

The King eventually sent his royal guards to search for Acier, and they assumed that Kusumi had kidnapped the princess, as they had been seen together too often in town. Kusumi was removed from the Valkyrie, arrested and beaten upon refusing to reveal Acier's location as she wanted to defend the princess's freedom. Kusumi is rescued by Syn and Cloud, and escapes Terminus with Acier. They both go missing from the eyes of the public, surviving on their own on the outside.


She is very much like Syn, a bit a of a tomboy, and impatient when it comes to getting something she wants. She is also known to act rashly during complicated situations, leading her into much more trouble than she already has to deal with.

She also shows a carefree attitude, openly accepting any form of affection from anyone. This changes as she grows closer to Acier.


A Kusu

Kusumi's appearance in-game.


  • Her title name comes from Persona 4 Golden 's Kusumi-no-Okami .
  • She is known to speak in a strong Western cowboy accent, but slowly adapts to speaking in a more formal accent as she and Syn spend more time learning how to read and write from Caen.

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