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"Sure you see the gold, but do you see the diamond underneath?"



  • "Mister Ahihihi"
  • Sky Claimer
Real Name Khyle Fuentes
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age n/a
Status Alive
Tarot Sun Arcana
Date of Birth n/a
Place of Birth n/a
Team CheckMate
Weapons Daggers (made from Tundro's Claws)
Blood Type O+
Height 6'8

Basic Info

Khyle is the 4th leader of CheckMate.


She has an odd laughter which goes "ahihihi". Playful, cheerful and very optimistic, she can be calm and wise when needed. Her leadership skills has made her one of the most respected inhabitants of the town.


Concept khyle

Khyle's concept sketches.

A khyle

Khyle from Iris Online retail.

She has long, teal-colored hair that reaches below her shoulders at the back and her irises are dark green (blue in the game). Khyle's most distinguishing part of her appearance is her hat, which looks like a mix of a Gatsby and an Aviator cap (a gatsbiator, if you will) with flight goggles resting on it's bill. She pulls her goggles down over her eyes when taking off to the skies with her gryphon.

Her casual wear is a white smock with rolled-up sleeves and an overall vest pulled over it. Her belt has a weapon holster attached, where her daggers hang from.

Her workwear consists of the same smock, but the sleeves are held up with armbelts instead. A vest with sleeves that tighten around the shoulders and covers only her front and back (not sides) are worn over the smock. She also wears gloves that consists of two pointed blades attached to them.


Lord Bod

They both led the CheckMate guild side-by-side, supporting their members and upholding their responsibilities of being royal family guardians. They are amongst the most respected inhabitants of Terminus besides the Royal Knights. The both of them also share a brother-sister-like relationship; Khyle often punching the male elf on the shoulder and calling him 'dude' and 'bro'.

  • An interesting fact is that Khyle looks quite alike to Lord Bod in terms of hair and eye color. Although it was only by coincidence that the characters looked like that in-game, this may imply that they could actually be siblings in ArcIris.


Khyle is relieved to see another Gryphon rider within the alliance, as only a handful of them exist in Arcana after the near-extinction of Gryphons during the early years of the Sahar War. Khyle was the one that opened Ryder's eyes to the bigger picture of how beautiful the skies truly are.

  • She calls him by the nickname 'Ace'.



Theme Song

To The Moon OST - Launch

To The Moon OST - Launch

Khyle's theme song is "Launch" from the beautiful game "To the Moon" composed by Kan R. Gao and Laura Shigihara.

It represents her love for the skies and all she does to protect it. Part 01:11 of the song presumably represents her sadness of seeing the skies being tainted by pollution from the war, the stars at night becoming barely visible as well.

Battle Theme

Two Steps From Hell - SkyWorld (SkyWorld)

Two Steps From Hell - SkyWorld (SkyWorld)