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Jessi Viri
  • Kitty
  • The Kind One
Real Name -
Gender Female
Race Hybrid
Age n/a
Status Alive
Team Heart of Gold
Weapons Dual Blades
Blood Type AB
Height 5'2


Basic InfoEdit

Along the journey to Terminus during the early years of the 2nd War, Jessi was stumbled upon by Rei on the roadside. Having had just lost her forest home to the 'Fire Beast', Jessi accepts Rei's offer to join the squad's travel to Terminus, where they both end up joining the Heart of Gold group.


As one of the older members in Heart of Gold, Jessi is mature, level-headed, and wise, frequently dispensing wisdom to the younger and less experienced members in the guild. Kind and helpful, she can often be seen lending a helping hand to others in need, in whatever way she can, consequentially earning the title as 'the Kind One' (in contrast to Rei). She is also a skilled chef who often whips up delicious goodies for her friends.