Hisaka by purkles

  • Storm Prince
  • Hisaka of the Storms
  • Specimen Thirty-Nine
  • "Blue Eyes", "Hisa" (by Kagiri)
Gender Male
Race Human
Age n/a (Reincarnated)
Status Alive
Tarot Magician Arcana

Lord ArchaneEdit

Hisaka's former master and his recognized creator. During the ancient war, his service to the king meant everything to him, defining himself purely on how useful he could be to Lord Archane. Upon his first and only defeat, Lord Archane changed his opinion of Hisaka and declared him to be worthless for his ambitions. This abandonment broke the wizard's sense of self, leading him to betray Lord Archane to the Alliance. Hisaka still feels terrified of him and the betrayal he made a thousand years ago.


Bit clash

Hisaka and Kagiri's clash 100 years ago.

The Alliance wizard who defeated the Storm Prince. Considered a 'failed' specimen of the experiments that produced Hisaka, Kagiri found her place among the Alliance ranks. They often clashed on the battlefield, with Kagiri persevering on each fight regardless of the odds. Her hard-earned victory over Hisaka led to his abandonment by Lord Archane, which prompted the lightning wizard to betray the evil king. She was also eventually incarnated via the Tarot. Despite their pasts, she has no personal grudge against Hisaka and even gets along with him, in her own way.

Fyrre VierEdit

A seemingly young priest who bears a striking resemblance to Hisaka save for the hair and eye color. Fyrre considers Hisaka his 'older brother', much to the wizard's embarrassment. Nevertheless, he appreciates the priest's presence and cares for him in his own way, including trying to make Fyrre understand his magic. He realizes Fyrre's origins early on, but prefers not to reveal it in consideration of the priest's feelings.

Silveren Fenner (Winmer du Castell)Edit

Hisaka initially pays little attention to the knight, tolerating his presence simply because Silveren is an 'acquaintance' of Kagiri, treating him the same way he relates with everyone else. However, when he discovers that Silveren is the reincarnation of Winmer du Castell whom Kagiri used to have feelings for, he begins to feel jealousy towards the knight without realizing why. On the other hand, since Silveren doesn't openly antagonize Hisaka (unlike the Winmer persona) the wizard thinks that acting hostile towards the knight is petty and therefore tries to curb his 'irrational' dislike.

Winmer, on the other hand, clearly dislikes Hisaka.

Cloud WatcherEdit