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Title 花风泪
First Appearance First Taste of War
Team Valkyrie
Weapons Shuiya-Feng

Basic InfoEdit

Hua Fon-Lei was an elf who travelled from the Eastern Continent to join up with the Alliance.


Lei app1
Fon has long, dark blue hair that is usually tied up into a ponytail twist with two hair sticks placed at the back. Her eyes are dark brown, and on her left cheek is a red tattoo from her time as a Hermean. It symbolizes "Tears".

She is short-sighted, and would wear glasses to battle.

Her clothings consist of a red Chinese Tangzhuan vest worn over a traditional long-sleeved maroon Changshan with pants of matching color.

Different ink writings would often be seen on her arms daily. She explains that it serves as her reminder for trivial things like a grocery list.


Fon formerly served a group of delivery people known as "The Hermeans" (See : Hermes). They performed the dangerous duties of leaking out enemy information and locations from the source itself; The Sahar Castle.

They were also messengers of Arcana, delivering letters from people to their loved ones living scattered across the continent. Far and wide, no place is out of their reach.

Hermeans came into extinction when their leader stepped down in the middle of the Second War, leaving members into living new lives. Fon was one of the few who continued to serve the Alliance.


Mirror's Edge Theme Song - Still Alive(Music Video)05:16

Mirror's Edge Theme Song - Still Alive(Music Video)

So Close Take A Look Around05:28

So Close Take A Look Around


  • She was the icon for ArcIris' 2014 Chinese New Year artwork.
    Xing nian kuai le2
  • Her hobby is drawing Caligraphy Art.
  • She has a perverted sense of humor, and would not hesitate to openly crack a dirty joke in front of everyone every chance she gets.
  • Her name, "花风泪", if literally translated from Chinese is "Flower Wind Tears".
  • In Eastern culture, her name would traditionally be "Feng Lei". For Western naming, she is called "Fon" instead.

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