Esper is a highlighted form of competitive sport entertainment held annually by Arcanians in a stadium located in the ruins of Archelon Temple.

The game is known to have Saharians compete in them as well, which resulted in an increase for security, should any disputes break out.

The StadiumEdit

Once every year, the ruins of Archelon Temple emits a beam of light into the skies. The source of this light is unknown, but it signals the appearance of a large stadium-like field within it's grounds. The field remains there for 2 days before the Temple beams up another light, erasing the field from existence.

No one knows the reason behind this, but the people of Arcana has made use of it and formed a competitive sport known as Esper, to host in the stadium each time it appears.


A total of 16 players, 8 on both sides, are given a platform to use during the course of the game. The field is split into two sides, exactly like a soccer field, with one goal on each sides.

The platforms serve as their "weapon".


Espers are reflections of a player that appears on the surface of their respective platforms as an image. Depending on the player, the Espers grant their players a certain ability with elemental effects that will help them in the game (i.e - Speed, Agility, Power etc.)

Players do not get the same Esper each year, and it is rare that they do.

Espers are strictly not made for combat outside the game field, and will vanish upon being taken out of the boundary.

Example:' Cloud's current Esper is a Red Stallion (fire), which gives her the ability to perform a sudden speed burst that can send her zipping past the field in great speed.



S4 League Soundtrack OST 26 - New World (Hyperium)02:21

S4 League Soundtrack OST 26 - New World (Hyperium)


  • Anyone who remains on the field during the time of its disappearance does not get erased. The field simply disappears, leaving them there.

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