"One drop, and the remedy turns into poison."

Emil Albertus
  • Silent Venom
  • Sagittarius
Real Name Emil Albertus
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Tarot The Hanged Man Arcana
Date of Birth November 26
Place of Birth Western Continent
Team Lunam et Stellas
  • Dual daggers
  • Small poisoned knives

Basic InfoEdit

Emil Albertus is an adventurer in service of Lunam et Stellas. His specialty lies in the creation of poisons. Named as the Sagittarius of the Zodiac, Emil inspires a deep fear upon many of his subordinates. He has seemingly little regard for life, and will readily sacrifice lives for scientific progress.

Once, Emil was an alchemist who sought to create potions to cure. Yet after a tragedy that forced him to create harmful substances instead and accidentally poisoning his loved ones, he became thoroughly disillusioned with himself and the world. He became convinced that inflicting pain is the only thing he is good for, and thus his intense study of poisons began.


Emil has a refined, polite bearing, usually speaking in a mild manner and rarely raising his voice. Even in battle, he is always calm. While capable of mundane conversation, most find him disconcerting, as he is serene even when performing horrific acts. He is naturally curious, even moreso when poison is involved, and apparently has an sadistic streak. Emil is also inclined to have bouts of obsession of people or objects that capture his fancy.

Before the tragedy struck, Emil was once a bumbling but good-natured alchemy student. He initially studied alchemy so he could concoct potions for people who could not afford to wait for healers to aid them. His steadfast belief in helping others made him persevere despite his initially-abysmal results. As he had to struggle to acquire knowledge and mastery, Emil values hard work and determination. Even when his naivety was shattered and he turned to darker ways, he still genuinely respects those who refuse to give up.

Due to his past, Emil believes that humans are no different from monsters, if not worse. He readily assumes the worst in people, and his opinion of them only rarely rises above distaste or disinterest. Despite his cool facade and fascination with poison, Emil deeply hates himself for what had happened in his life.


Emil has short, messy dark green hair and vermilion eyes. He is of average elven height and has a wiry build fit for an adventurer. He often wears long-sleeved robes when he is focused on his research. His belt has various pouches and containers holding poisonous substances. Due to some slight eyesight defect, Emil usually wears glasses with a thin metal frame.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

A speedy attacker, Emil relies on his poisoned daggers in battle as he has little strength behind his blows. His usual concern is how to close in on his opponent and give the decisive strike. He has little in way of defense other than his ability to dodge hits.

Emil carries twin daggers and an assortment of small knives, all regularly drenched in paralyzing poison. All it takes is one cut for it to take effect. The poison itself is not particularly strong, but given time it could numb the whole body. Emil can also coat his weapons with a variety of other substances on the go, which can be stronger than the poison inherent in his blades.



As the leader of Lunam, Emil clearly has respect for Sebastian. Despite this he has little personal interaction with his fellow elf, preferring to keep their relationship professional and keeping his opinion on Sebastian's policies as neutral as possible.


While Loremaria is known for her abrasive personality, Emil is apparently exempt from her more snappish behavior. On the other hand, the alchemist is also the only one willing to put up with her moods. Nobody knows exactly why they get along so well, although there are rumors that they have met each other prior to joining the guild.



  • Emil is partly inspired by Ragnarok Online's Flamel Emule; the ghostly biochemist found in Rekenber's Somatology Laboratories.
  • His ancestor is a sage named Eiraien Albertus, who was in the same year as Kagiri in Pyron Academy and also fought in the first war.
  • Despite gaining infamy as a 'poisoner', Emil still brews very potent healing potions, albeit in secret.

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