Title Chair
Real Name Edmund
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age 31 Human Years
Status Alive
Family Crus

Basic Info

Edmund (Chair) is an inhabitant of the castle and is Crus's legal guardian.


Edmund is notably known as the bully that forcefully cut Nevialla's hair when they were younger. Crus' brother was his best friend, and Edmund took it upon himself to take care of Crus when she found her way back to Arcana.

He prefers to be called a 'Chair', for reasons unknown. But the author states he is also a character dedicated to PewdiePie's "Bro Army".

See : Mr.Chair


Often flirting with women (being rejected or slapped, punched, kicked and beaten up by them 99% of the time) Edmund usually shows himself as a laid-back, self-proclaimed 'ladies' man'.

When it comes down to protecting Crus, he often displays a harsh, rude personality to chase everyone away from her, badmouthing them as well.





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