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"I may die today, I may die tomorrow. So I try not to live my life in sorrow."

Title Rift Hermit
Real Name n/a
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age 25 Elven Years, 50 Human Years
Status Alive
Tarot Sun Arcana
Family Edmund (Legal Guardian)

Basic Info

Crus is an elf living within the Dimensional Rift from a young age, and part of the Allied Forces that supported the sealing of Sahar's Gate.

Her friends and family were forcefully thrown into a Dimensional Rift when she was young. Her brother had survived the fall with her, but died later from an illness caused by the rift's atmosphere. Over time, the Rift's negative effects caused her to lose her voice, so she is now mute.

She struggled to live through the harsh environment of the Rift, but eventually developed ways of surviving it, as well as discovering magic and useful materials that cannot be found in Arcana.


Friendly and outgoing, though unable to talk, Crus is still able to remain cheerful, and communicates with others using hand gestures or writing notes for them to read (even though her handwriting is awful). She is also sensitive; crying rather easily (but not as much as Eleina).


A Cruse

Crus's in-game appearance.

Abilities + Weapons

Crus carries a poorly-hand-made gun made out of floating runes found within the Dimensional Rift, which gives her equal abilities as Archane to freely open rifts.


Zelda Majora's Mask OST - 16 111 Shop01:15

Zelda Majora's Mask OST - 16 111 Shop

Crus' appearance theme is the Shop theme from Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask. It's upbeat and happy tune represents Crus' clumsy and cheerful personality.


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