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Basic InfoEdit

Raymond "CrashFreak" Carter is a creative writer and doodle-est (this is a word now) among websites like deviantART, FictionPress and an anthro forum called SoFurry. His creations include Metal Gear Solid: Crash Mania, AOIT: The Digital Crusade, Lance Vane, and the current Dynasty series. He also hosts a YouTube channel under the same username, CrashFreak. On it, he reports his reviews of games, shows off some indie games and occasionally dips into revealing discoveries of hacks from his friends LXShadow and Hacczilla.

Ray is pretty much the average young adult with enjoying stories, cartoons and video games. His favorite series range from Invader Zim to Bleach in terms of cartoons/anime, Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted in terms of video games. He has a heavy dislike for games such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero or Halo.


Story Locations: deviantART, FictionPress, and SoFurry

Currently, the Dynasty series is the most recent attempt at Ray trying to tell his own full fledged story. It is Ray's first multi-chapter written story. Dynasty itself is based on an alien planet called Krater, which is similar to Earth. It is also an anthropomorphic animal, or "furry", story. It has caught the author's attention of ArcIris and got hand-picked to partner with ArcIris in hopes of growing together as a series.

The plot of the story varies slightly per each arc, with an overall connection between several planned arcs. Right now, Dynasty: Origins, is the only arc being worked on. At least three more will be worked on. These include the Cryptic Guard arc, the Nether arc and the Time arc. Below will give a quick summary of each arc.

Origins Arc: Lane's parents are killed in a staged explosion, leading to a forced adoption into the Cryptic Guard Academy as he trains to become a soldier. However, events occur that causes him to desert the Cryptic Guard military. This leads to Lane trying to figure out how to fend for himself without the luxury of the Academy. He stumbles upon a man named Jack that knows a customer that could help him, which leads Lane to reluctantly join the Crimson Gavel mafia for protection against the hunt for his head by the Cryptic Guard. All does not go well though in the Crimson Gavel. Things only get worse for Lane. Find out more by reading the story at Ray's deviantART, FictionPress or SoFurry uploads.

Cryptic Guard Arc: More information on this arc is coming soon.

Nether Arc: More information on this arc is coming soon.

Time Arc: More information on this arc is coming soon.

Previous WorksEdit

These are a list of the previous works that Ray has worked on. Feel free to check them out.

AOIT: The Digital Crusade - This is Ray's first and only 100+ page comic. It tells the story of himself and his friends in an alternate universe, where a tyrant named Lord Weatherall runs a post-apocolyptic Earth and uses virtual reality to shut out any opposition. The primary character, Ray, has his special abilities activated on accident via downloading and playing a game during school hours. As he awakes, he is introduced to the Resistance Against Weatherall and his supposed friends that kept this secret from him. Together, they must band together and try to stop Lord Weatherall from furthering his reign as he tries to reconstruct the Life Stone - a mystical gem with a goddess's power to alter the world to anyone's wishes but can only be used once in that person's life time.

Metal Gear: Crash Mania - This was Ray's first attempt at trying a comic with drawing with a mouse (terrible art, yep...). It was meant as a fun little project to take various popular members of the now very dysfunctional and feared Crash Mania forums (I don't advise ever signing up there). It follows the story of Solid Tita, a personifcation Snake version of the member Korusan's Tita Gasman. Various other members were placed into the roles for the first Metal Gear Solid game. This was completely intended as a parody comic.

Bandicoot of War (Unfinished) - Take note, this will remained unfinished. It was Ray's rough attempt at a multi chapter fanfiction crossover of elements from Crash Bandicoot and God of War. The plot is a bit hazy to him now, but it basically followed a God of War-like plot but involved Cortex as a Zeus-like enemy and kidnaps Coco, which angers Crash and he was supposed to take on various Mojo Titans to gain the ability to reach and defeat him. The story was quickly scrapped and left on the dA account to serve as a small inspiration to writing Dynasty.