Cornell Telos/Personality
Title Professor Telos
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27
Status Alive
Tarot The Hierophant Arcana
Weapons Grimoire
Blood Type AB+
Family Alcor Telos (Younger Brother)

To the public, Cornell is the epitome of the ideal teacher. Polite, amiable, somewhat easy to get along with, and understanding, his office is always open for students to come in and ask him for help or advice should they need it. He’s managed to win the trust of many people with this persona.

However, underneath the mask, Cornell is nothing but a cold, immoral, and manipulative person only concerned with his own interests. Judging others solely based on their usefulness to him and/or whether they may interfere with his ambitions, he often heartlessly discards anything and anyone he deems worthless or boring.

Highly knowledgeable about a good deal of things, Cornell is primarily motivated by an intense thirst for knowledge. His sole passion in life is the study of magic, thus he often devotes the majority of his spare time to investigating and learning whatever he can. Whether it be by browsing through the academy’s library’s newest books, or helping with cruel experiments conducted by the Sahar, he's satisfied as long as he can further his own selfish ambitions. Preferring data collection and analysis over fighting, he tries to avoid battle when possible, but won’t back down if forced to fight.

Without his obsession for magic knowledge, Cornell would simply be an empty man with no purpose in life, who fails to connect with others because he doesn't understand them.

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