Cornell Telos/Abilities + Weapons
Title Professor Telos
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27
Status Alive
Tarot The Hierophant Arcana
Weapons Grimoire
Blood Type AB+
Family Alcor Telos (Younger Brother)

Highly knowledgeable about magic due to being trained in it from a young age by his family as well as often researching in his spare time, Cornell specializes in ice magic and magic based on hindering or weakening the opponent, but is best at the latter. While Cornell often makes use of his ice magic when teaching classes at the academy, his skill in status ailment magic is known only by the Sahar. Although his magic makes him best suited to supporting a someone else in battle, Cornell is fully capable of holding his own in a fight if he must. By constantly casting spells to weaken, stun, or otherwise hinder with his opponent various status effects before sending his ice magic flying, Cornell is rather troublesome to face in battle, especially if one does not have a a way to quickly remove his various non-ice spells.

Although Cornell possesses knowledge of healing and lightning magic as well, most of it is theory-based knowledge rather than practical battle experience, thus, he usually only puts that knowledge to use when teaching classes.

Cornell uses a grimoire as a focus for his magic.

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