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"I care not for who wins or loses this war; only how it's made possible. A little collateral damage is a small price to pay for such valuable information."

Cornell Telos
Title Professor Telos
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27
Status Alive
Tarot The Hierophant Arcana
Weapons Grimoire
Blood Type AB+
Family Alcor Telos (Younger Brother)

Basic Info

Cornell is a professor at Pyron Magic Academy who has been collaborating with the Sahar. Born into an esteemed family of wizards, Cornell's only passion in life is the pursuit of knowledge on magic. Cornell defected to the Sahar army for two reasons; Archane’s past experiments with magical potential interested him, and the Sahar would be able to provide him with far more research opportunities than his current job ever could.

Tasked with the jobs of eliminating any possible threats to the Sahar found at the academy, as well as providing the Sahar with some prisoners and/or test subjects for experimentation, Cornell fulfills both jobs by simply abducting any students who may potentially pose a significant problem to the Sahar. As he is seen as one of the more popular and reliable teachers at the academy, he is trusted by a large percentage of the faculty and students, and thus, it is quite easy for him to lure students away into a trap.

Cornell prefers staying at the Sahar Castle rather than being stationed in Terminus, but due to the fact that he is so successful at the job assigned to him by the Sahar, and that his identity as a quisling is still unknown to the Alliance, he has been ordered to stay in his current role until further notice. He is allowed to return to the Sahar Castle occasionally, but spends the majority of his time around Terminus.

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