Title The Cloud Watcher
Real Name Claire
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 19
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Death Arcana
Date of Birth 20th April
Place of Birth Decomus, Eastern continent
Relationship Married to Zipo
Team Royal Knights
Weapons Ixia's Sword + Shield
Blood Type B+
Height 6'3
Voice Actor Lesley Ann Garlan

Cloud is easily described as a stubborn girl, refusing to admit her mistakes more often than not, although her good sense of right and wrong makes up for it. She is also hot-headed and has a tendency of going into a fit of rage over little things.

She has a habit of laughing uncontrollably at little puns and jokes that others find unamusing, taking minutes upon minutes of before finally stopping.

She is a huge fan of the Terminus Royal Knights, and goes into geek mode whenever given the chance to talk about them.