Title The Cloud Watcher
Real Name Claire
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 19
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Death Arcana
Date of Birth 20th April
Place of Birth Decomus, Eastern continent
Relationship Married to Zipo
Team Royal Knights
Weapons Ixia's Sword + Shield
Blood Type B+
Height 6'3
Voice Actor Lesley Ann Garlan

Cloud starts off absolutely talentless in fighting, and only begins learning combat from her tutor, Duke Senel, upon being recruited into the Alliance. She starts out barely strong enough to move around in her armor; constantly tripping and falling all over the ground from its heavy weight.

Over time, she becomes more skilled in handling both a sword and shield.

Later on, she wears an armor customized with runes and given to her by one of the town's smith. The runes' explosive powers will not injure Claire so long as it is directed to another solid object or person. She later learns how to use the recoil from the explosions to increase her agility and attack power in battle.

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