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"To tevoc eivai otav nec avtio. (The end is when you say goodbye)"



Title The Cloud Watcher
Real Name Claire
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 20
Status Alive
First Appearance Fallen King
Tarot Death Arcana
Date of Birth 20th April
Place of Birth Decomus, Eastern continent
Relationship Married to Zipo
Team Royal Knights
Weapons Ixia's Sword + Shield
Blood Type B+
Height 6'0
Voice Actor Lesley Ann Garlan

Basic Info

Cloud (Claire) is Cotton's fraternal twin sister. She and her sister are direct descendants of Ixia del Marca, Cloud resembling her more appearance-wise. Claire was abandoned as a child during the Second Sahar War, along with Cotton. They were both rescued by an elven warlock, Rei, who took them in as her own daughters in the aftermath of the war.

When Cotton leaves to join the Valkyrie, and Rei on a group dispatched to aid Terminus, Cloud feared having to lose her 'family' again, and quietly ran off to battle in their place. She eventually arrived in Terminus, and the story begins there.

  • Her story is an allusion to the Disney movie "Mulan".
  • She, along with Cotton, have absolutely horrid cooking skills.
  • Her player's fellow gamers calls her 'Clawd' instead, to differentiate her between Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife.
  • Her favourite word of insult is "bum".
  • She has an irrational fear of cookies, presumably traumatized by Rei's ability to incapacitate her with a cookie jar.
  • She is one of the few people that speaks and understands the forgotten Decomian language.
  • The author was actually the player behind CloudWatcher during Iris Online's retail years.

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