"I smiled on that day."

Title The Orange Flower
Real Name Piper
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 25
Status Alive
Date of Birth 27th November
Team Royal Knights

Basic InfoEdit

Chaer (Shay-er) is the only female in the Royal Knights, and often takes the role of their leader-figure when Crescendo is not present. Her fiance, who was also her childhood friend, died in her arms during a struggle against the Sahar, leading her into a great depression for several years before she joined the Royal Knights.


She looks down on others who dream of becoming a Royal Knight, often going out of her way to discourage them. She cares very little for others, where in reality is just afraid of growing close to others only to lose them.


Chaer has shoulder-length, bright orange hair with a flower hairband always kept on to keep her hair in place. She stated that it was a gift from her fiance. Her eyes are a bright color of brown and her armor is purple in color.

She is never seen wearing anything casual, even when she is off-duty.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit



.hack G.U GAME MUSIC OST - Yasashii Ryoute Japanese Ver

.hack G.U GAME MUSIC OST - Yasashii Ryoute Japanese Ver.

.hack G.U

.hack G.U.優しくキミは微笑んでいた


  • She still wears her engagement ring.