"I have purpose. That is enough."

  • Spellbane
  • Virgo
Gender Female
Race Human (has Elven lineage)
Age Unknown
Tarot The Hermit
Place of Birth Western Continent
Team Lunam et Stellas
Weapons Staves

Basic InfoEdit

Catalin is among the most mysterious of the Zodiac. Little is known about her prior to joining the alliance that futilely fought Lunam et Stellas. Sebastian personally offered her a place in his guild after witnessing her resilience. Quiet and dedicated, she obeys her orders without question.

In truth, Catalin had been the product of a horrendous ordeal that left her with strange powers and a fragmented soul. While willing to offer her services to the highest bidder or the buyer with the most interesting offer, the magician's highest priority is the reparation of her soul. Lythal Zenith has offered to help her in this task in exchange of her loyalty to the guild.



Abilities + WeaponsEdit




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