"Brothers are still brothers, even if they do end up killin' each other."

Title Forest Wall
Real Name Caen Sethaeus
Gender Male
Race Part-Hybrid
Age 30
Status Alive
Tarot Strength Arcana
Team Royal Knights
Weapons Elder Sword

Basic InfoEdit

Caen (Kay-en) is one of the Royal Knights, and is known for calling his fellow knights 'brother' or 'sister', regardless of status.

Born from a hybrid father and a human mother, Caen lived a fairly comfortable life as a child during the war because of his family's blacksmithing business, which made good money during the time. He grew up amongst hybrids in their forest home, thus his natural strong build and endurance.

He was hand-picked by Shilly to become a Royal Knight.


Open-minded and friendly, Caen sees all his friends and acquaintances as family, and always tries to ensure they are not outcast in any way. He's the kind of guy you'd go drinking with, because you know he'll watch your back when you're drunk in a corner.


Caen has short, black and messy hair that often makes him look like he had just woken up from sleep. He mainly takes after his human mother; With pale grey eyes, light brown skin, and the lack of hybrid markings.

He does, however, have the height and build of a full-grown male hybrid, towering over most average men of other races.



  • He speaks and understands fluent Decomian language, and is even able to read and write the alphabet.