"In this piece of hell, who else can I rely on other than myself? That's right -- no one!"

  • The Deceptive Blades
  • Libra
Real Name Unknown
Gender Female
Race Hybrid
Age Unknown
Tarot The Tower Arcana
Place of Birth Western Continent
Team Lunam et Stellas

Basic InfoEdit

Auremis is a member of Lunam et Stellas. Ranked as the Libra of the Zodiac, she is a barbarian who is deceptively outgoing, yet views everyone as her enemy. She joined the guild to escape her enemies and while she follows Sebastian without question for the moment, she is ready to switch sides as soon as it is profitable for her.

Having lived a rough, troubling childhood, Auremis knew early on that to survive in the brutal conditions of the Western Continent, she had no one to trust but herself. She grew up to become a notorious swindler, using disguises, stealth and a lot of smooth talking to steal riches from under the very noses of her targets. Yet when her plans faltered and her enemies sensed the start of her downfall, she joined Lunam et Stellas to protect herself.


Auremis, on the outside, is lively, teasing and without a care in the world. Most often regard her as a non-threat because she appeared to be too self-absorbed. In reality, Auremis is calculating and very much aware of her status within the guild. Ruthless and practical, she is willing to go any lengths simply to survive, as evidenced by her swift and bloody ascension to the Zodiac. Her rise wasn't an easy one, and it is the reason why she is quite paranoid about it; always on the lookout for the slightest threat to her rank.

Auremis distrusts everyone and, while fearful of being betrayed, has no qualms about betraying others if it ensures her survival. She realized early on that she could only rely on herself. Normally cool-headed, when her plans break down she is prone to be impulsive; lashing out in fear and anger.

Because of her difficult early years, Auremis loves to hoard money. However, being a passionate gambler and spender, she often loses it as soon as she gets her hands on some. What she is actually craving is a sense of security, yet she is too caught up with her situation and lifestyle to understand this.


Auremis has a petite stature, but boasts an attractive figure and a tanned complexion. Her indigo hair is cut in a bob with fly-away tips. One of her ears is pierced with a simple silver earring. Her hybrid markings are colored turquoise-green, and her large eyes are a warm shade of yellow-brown.

She often dresses fashionably when she's not in a mission. Her preferred attire in battle is light armor to enable movement.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

As a barbarian, Auremis utilizes twin swords to fight. She has no particular favorite pair, believing that all weapons are tools and are therefore disposable. She relies on her swift, precise attacks to quickly end a fight. Auremis is as quick as a shadow walker, close to rivaling the likes of Harun, but she is also prone to wear out quickly. To remedy this, Auremis is a vicious, no-holds-barred fighter willing to use any strategy to win as soon as she can. It's common to see her use the poisons she gained from Emil Albertus.



The guild leader of Lunam et Stellas, Sebastian is one of the few people Auremis is genuinely afraid of. She knows that he has the power to decide on her survival. Auremis avoids contact with him whenever possible.

Emil AlbertusEdit

The poison master of the guild, Auremis frequently asks for Emil's poisons to aid her in battle. Emil freely gives her his creations as long as she provides 'feedback' on their effects. Auremis playfully tries to engage him in conversation and the adventurer coolly rebuffs her every time. Nevertheless, they both know this is only to keep Auremis' facade.

Lythal ZenithEdit

As Auremis avoids Sebastian, she ends up having more contact with the sorcerer Lythal Zenith, the guild's second-in-command. She puts up her best demeanor in front of Lythal out of fear and respect, but she secretly detests the sorcerer for she recognizes his efforts to ensure the members are loyal.


Auremis has made it a point to at least talk to Harun once a day, just to irk the other hybrid. They also often spar, with the barbarian trying to match the assassin's speed. Harun considers her a headache, but after a while he has become more tolerant of her presence.



  • 'Auremis' isn't her real name -- she 'stole' it from a hybrid woman she saw being mugged and murdered when she was still a child. She thought it sounded like a 'good name', and on a dead person it will go to waste.
  • Auremis hates being called a 'street cat'.
  • She dislikes Loremaria, and the sentiment appears to be mutual. Ironically, they both have extremely strong wills to survive.
  • Frequently has a clash of opinions with Keir Stuart and Mereth.
  • Auremis taught herself to read and write, but she isn't very good at it. Bringing up her lack of formal education is a very sore point for her.
  • She is said to have a 'fantastic luck'.

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