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"So you think I'm a good person?"

Alzamorne Isore

Alza by Purkles

  • Alza
  • Magekiller
  • Pisces
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age 23 Elven Years, 46 Human Years
Status Alive
Tarot Moon Arcana
  • Modified Crystalisk Breath
  • 'Antimagic' Bullets

Basic InfoEdit

Alzamorne Isore is a sniper specializing in taking down magic-users. He is a member of Lunam et Stellas and, for a time, of Celestial Fate. Silveren Fenner was his best friend. The massacre of Celestial Fate was partly due to his former guild intending to capture Alzamorne. He is currently working again for Lunam et Stellas, although his participation is forced.


Alza is laidback and observant, preferring to stay on the sidelines. However, he isn't shy like Silveren, and is actually amiable when engaged in conversation. He is also sneaky when he feels it to be necessary, capable of lying through his teeth and using underhanded methods to achieve a goal. While Alzamorne is protective of those he cares about, he has an unfortunate tendency to become possessive and controlling.

He dislikes the misuse of power, magical and otherwise. While he recognizes the utility of magic, he feels uncomfortable with it. Due to the Sahar attack on his home, Alzamorne is wary of magic-users considered to be 'powerful' and fears that these individuals will eventually become corrupted. He also developed a fear of fire because of the incident.

He considers his affiliation with Lunam et Stellas to be shameful, yet he couldn't leave in fear of the members retaliating upon the only person he cares about: Silveren.


Alzamorne has short, layered dark hair and golden eyes. He has a slight physique and is considered short for an elf -- in fact, Silveren is noticeably taller than him. Alza also prefers to wear form-fitting clothes in dark colors for maximum mobility and in keeping a low profile.

His favorite accessories are earrings -- he has several golden stud earrings on his left ear and a simple hoop earring on the right.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Alzamorne's specialty lies in neutralizing magic-users, hence the name 'Magekiller'. While having excellent reaction time, his melee capabilities are average at best. Therefore he keeps his maximum distance and takes a careful aim if he can. He utilizes stealth and relies heavily on surprise attacks.

While he has poor potential for magic itself, Alzamorne understands its concepts well, hence his ability to create bullets able to dispel mana upon impact. Targets will be rendered unable to use magic for a while, in addition to experiencing pain. It can also dispel magical formations in its trajectory, though only for the duration that the bullet is on contact with the spell. He is also sensitive enough to know whether a place has high concentrations of mana.

Alzamorne wields a heavily modified Crystalisk Breath gun in order to accommodate his custom 'antimagic' rounds. It has been changed so much that it barely looks like the original anymore. The gun can also be used with normal bullets.


Silveren FennerEdit

Silveren is Alza's best friend during his stay in Celestial Fate. Despite being labeled as the 'loners', they got along well. Alza developed an older-brother instinct towards the knight, and wanted nothing more for him to continue being 'good'. To this end, he often helped Silveren with or without his knowledge. Indeed, the knight's safety is the prime leverage Lunam et Stellas has against him. Silveren believes he is dead, and Alza prefers for it to stay that way, afraid of how the knight will react once he knows of the sniper's true affiliation.

Fyrre VierEdit

The good-natured but mystererious captive of the guild, Alzamorne is tasked to guard the priest as he is the one capable of neutralizing magic-users. Initially confused as to why his guild leader would be interested with a seemingly hapless young boy, the sniper eventually learns of Fyrre's strange abilities. Despite the situation, he grows to care for the priest, treating him like yet another younger brother. In return, Fyrre declares that desptie his affiliation, Alzamorne is a 'good person'. The priest eventually manages to leave the clutches of Lunam et Stellas, and while Alza admits he will miss his presence, he also wishes they would never meet again -- it could only mean another unfortunate encounter.


Battle MusicEdit

(HD) Psycho-Pass サイコパス - OST - PSYCHO-PASS - 0106:40

(HD) Psycho-Pass サイコパス - OST - PSYCHO-PASS - 01


  • Alzamorne dislikes ginseng and mandragoras due to a childhood incident. However, since Silveren has an immense interest in them, he never badmouths the plants within earshot of the knight.
  • In his spare time, he likes to travel. He especially loves high, open spaces.

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