Alcor Telos
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 21
Status Alive
Family Cornell Telos (Brother)

Basic InfoEdit



Alcor has short dark violet hair and light blue eyes. He has fair skin, with numerous scars of varying depth from past fights and training. He's fond of wearing heavy armour for battle to compensate for his questionable defence.

After the incident with the Rift and the pond, Alcor appears somewhat more sickly. He has somewhat dark bags under his eyes, his skin is paler, and darkened veins are visible over a significant portion of his body. (e.g. arms, hands, sides of his face, etc etc) When severely wounded or after straining himself with over-usage of his abilities, the veins tend to become more prominent, and may start bulging out somewhat.

Alcor is somewhat self-conscious about those new markings as well as the deep scars from the Sahar ambush where he almost died, so more often than not, he tries to cover them up whenever he can.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Alcor primarily uses two-handed great swords in battle, rather than the standard one handed knight's sword and shield. Possessing good strength and decent speed, Alcor uses a fighting style that focuses on offence rather than defence. Battles with him tend to be quick and fast paced, as slow battles of attrition are his weakness. Although he does know how to use a one-handed sword and a shield together to a certain extent from his knight training, he prefers two handed swords, or using a one-handed sword with two hands, in most cases.

After being infused with some elements from the Dimensional Rift and the contaminated pond of life, Alcor has gained improved physical abilities, and his ability to use magic has been 'unlocked' to an extent. While his defences and stamina have suffered significantly due to the rift corruption slowly eating away at his life force, his strength has improved greatly, to the point that he is able to wield most two-handed swords with a single hand with ease. However, an important thing to note is that great brute strength does not necessarily equal great skill, especially considering that Alcor has yet to fully adjust his techniques to accommodate for his new strengths and weaknesses. While Alcor may possess the strength to clash with a more experienced fighter and push them back for a moment or so, he most likely does not have the skill, stamina, nor reflexes needed to keep up with them beyond that initial clash, which, considering his poor defences and vitality, would be incredibly bad.

Even with his magical potential awakened, Alcor cannot cast any mid to long ranged spells. The only magic he can manifest is the ability to channel lightning through himself and whatever is in contact with him. His usual usage of this ability is running a current of electricity through his sword, which gives his opponents quite the shock whenever they come in contact with his blade. This lightning magic increases the damage his sword inflicts, and helps decrease his opponents' stamina, which is rather useful for Alcor considering his own low stamina and defences make long bouts difficult for him. He has yet to figure out how to channel lightning through his armour in a practical manner.

Alcor's magic is considered a 'double-edged sword', as every usage of it poses great risk to him. When his mana reserves expire, his magic tends to start draining his health instead, rather than cancelling itself out. Higher power magic tends to wear him out dangerously quick, while prolonged usage causes his physical condition to deteriorate in ways such as bleeding from the nose and mouth, sudden loss of consciousness, and/or causing recently sealed wounds to open again. Thus, he considers his newfound magic abilities one of his trump cards, only to be used when absolutely necessary.

Alcor also possesses a surprising amount of knowledge and understanding of magic theory, due to his upbringing by his family.


Cornell TelosEdit



  • Alcor prefers not to use his last name, and usually only gives his first name when asked. Being associated with his family brings back unpleasant memories for him. Additionally, the fact that many people who know of his family tend to ask why he isn't a mage like them as soon as they find out his last name is a sore topic for him.
  • He does not know his own strength, and is prone to using too much force or breaking things by accident.
  • He likes knitting in his spare time.
  • He's relatively good at housework and decent at cooking, as he had to pick up these skills out of necessity over the years, considering how he's been living away from his family for a significant amount of time. He quite enjoys both though, since they make him feel productive and they give him something to keep his mind away from worrying about other things.

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