Alcor Telos
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 21
Status Alive
Weapons Greatswords
Family Cornell Telos (Older Brother)

Basic InfoEdit

Alcor is a knight of the Alliance.

Despite being born into the esteemed Telos family of mages, Alcor possesses little to no natural magic ability whatsoever.


Alcor tends to give off an initial impression of being cold and aloof. In reality, he’s actually quite shy, awkward, and motherly with a warm personality and worrywart tendencies. He often frets about the wellbeing of others, and usually goes out of his way to take care of people even if he barely knows them. Notably, he’s very prone to self-deprecation; a habit which Mu often tries to correct.

Years of being treated as a disappointment and failure by his family has left Alcor with low self-esteem among other things. His distorted sense of self-worth is based almost entirely on how useful he is to others. He has a tendency to prioritize others’ needs and desires above his own, even when doing so many be self-destructive, because he sees himself as relatively worthless. He also often tries to hide his own issues and problems as to not burden others, as he believes they shouldn’t waste their time on someone like himself. For the same reasons, he never asks others for help and is reluctant to accept help, even when he desperately needs it.

He is still genuinely confused and startled by the concept of other people caring about him, but he has notably improved from when he first moved out of the Telos household several years ago. He often tries to distract himself with work to keep his mind off of upsetting or distressing matters. He has a reputation as a workaholic, as more often than not, when he’s not busy with knight duties, he’s either training, doing housework, or helping others with odd jobs around town.


A Alcor
Alcor has short dark violet hair and light blue eyes. He has fair skin, with numerous scars of varying depth from past fights and training. He is of average height, with an athletic build.

After the Hidden Cave incident, Alcor appears more sickly. He perpetually has dark bags under his eyes and his skin appears pale. Additionally, darkened veins are visible over a significant portion of his body. (e.g. arms, hands, sides of his face, etc ) When severely wounded or after straining himself with over-usage of his abilities, the veins tend to become more prominent.

Abilities + WeaponsEdit

Alcor primarily uses greatswords in battle, though he is also proficient with one-handed swords and shields thanks to his knight training. Alcor’s fighting style focuses on offense rather than defense, and battles with him tend to be fast paced. Slow battles of attrition are his weakness due to his below-average stamina.

After being infused with some elements from the Dimensional Rift and the Contaminated Pond of Life, Alcor has gained improved physical abilities, and his ability to use magic has been 'unlocked' to an extent. While his health has suffered significantly due to the rift corruption slowly eating away at him, his strength has improved greatly, to the point where he is able to wield most greatswords with a single hand with ease. However, great brute strength does not necessarily equal great skill. While Alcor may possess the strength to clash with a more experienced fighter and push them back for a moment or so, he most likely does not have the skill, stamina, nor reflexes needed to keep up with them beyond that initial clash.

Even with his magical potential awakened, Alcor cannot cast any mid to long ranged spells. The only magic he can manifest is the ability to channel lightning through himself and whatever he is in physical contact with. His usual usage of this ability is running a current of electricity through his sword. This lightning magic increases the damage his sword inflicts, and helps decrease his opponents' stamina, which is rather useful for Alcor considering his own low stamina and defences make long bouts difficult for him.

Alcor's magic is considered a 'double-edged sword', as usage poses great risk to him. When his mana reserves expire, his magic starts draining his health instead, rather than cancelling itself out. Stronger magic tends to wear him out dangerously quick, and prolonged magic usage causes his physical condition to deteriorate as his magic starts tearing his body apart (e.g. coughing up blood, opening recently sealed wounds) until he eventually loses consciousness when the pain or blood loss becomes too much to bear.


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  • Alcor prefers not to use his family name, and usually only gives his first name when asked. He won't deny that he's related to Cornell (or the rest of the Telos family), but refuses to speak about the topic beyond that, with few exceptions.
  • He possesses a surprising amount of knowledge and understanding of magic theory and history, thanks to his upbringing.
  • He does not know his own strength, and is prone to using excessive force; often breaking things by accident.
  • Alcor likes knitting in his spare time.
  • He's excellent at housework and decent at cooking, as he had to pick up these skills out of necessity over the years. He quite enjoys both though, since they make him feel productive.
  • He is named after the star Alcor
  • His surname, Telos, is greek for "end", as in a 'purpose' or a 'goal'.