Basic Info

Sahar's demons

Shadows of the 4 Generals.

The 4 Grand Generals, as their titles imply, are the top four 'generals' of the Sahar Army.

They are based off the Four Symbols of Chinese constellations, and were originally peaceful creatures of Arcana, but turned corrupted and violent from the pollution of chaos and war upon the land, under Archane's influence.

The Generals

Azure Dragon

The first and strictest of all four generals. As the Flame Keeper, he possesses the ability to control fire, and is immune to being burnt or feeling any form of heat.

White Tiger

The second and fiercest of all four generals. As the Ice Keeper, he is able to create ice from air particles and shape them into any form he desires, regardless of how little the source is.

Black Tortoise

The third and wisest of all four generals. As the Ground Keeper, he can shake the earth beneath his feet and summon stalagmites from the ground, strong enough to take down entire rows of buildings in one blow.

Vermillion Bird

The last and most compassionate of all four generals. As the Sky Keeper, he is able to move and force the air around him, turning them into deadly gusts of wind that are able to cut through steel.

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